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Karalis is the name given to our city by phoenecian sailors, with the intent of calling it the City of God or maybe the City of Rocks. Looking at the whitish-gold limestone shining between two hues of blue - the sea and the sky - one can easily understand why it has been given this name. Here, time, light and wind flow freely without ever rushing: similarly, our coffee Karalis reflects the rhythm of these elements. It took over half a century of sampling and experience of roasting the coffee beans in the narrow streets at the heart of our city to achieve this and the rich aroma, sophisticated smooth taste of our coffee which can be savoured calmly without haste, truly reflects the essence of its name.

Karalis is the newest addition to the fine varieties of coffee produced by La Tazza d'oro. It is a high quality coffee obtained by selective roasting of the best green coffee beans using highly technological procedures which perfect the traditional system of coffee bean roasting underlining it natural potential and thus limiting any occurrence of possible problems. This system conforms to quality standards certified UNI ISO 9001:2000 guaranteeing its clients a consistent level of characteristics of our coffee and targetting an ever improved quality. For some years La Tazza d'oro has adopted a computerised process which monitors the roasting and blending of coffee beans; a technologically advanced process which thanks to the supervision of the 'master roaster' allows a constant check over the most delicate steps of the process. This results in a individually roasted coffee blend with a delicate taste and an aroma full of Italian culture.

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